Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

WNN April 6th, 2018

In this weeks segment I assisted Kiara in filming an interview and b-roll. I filmed some of Sports, Community and Weather I also took part as one of the hosts for that segment. Augmented reality is a thing of the now and is only becoming more readly  available as time passes. I see so many possibilities with them as they become more functional, such as literal 360 news coverage

Friday, April 13, 2018

WNN April 13, 2018

This week I was a host with Kiara, I also helped film the special segment with Gavin. This week was like any other week, we stared by figuring out who's working where and then we start brain storming ideas and writing. Generally we start filming on Tuesday and either start editing of finish filming on Wednesday. Thursday, if were on schedule we will be finishing up editing and publish by the end of class. This is why communication is key, letting people know when you need help or how far along you are. Letting people know if you need more b-roll or pictures can make the difference in your work. Also making sure people who you are working with that aren't apart of the WNN Crew (interviewees, contestants, etc) understand whats going on and feel comfortable is key.

Friday, January 12, 2018

WNN Week 1

Kapaa High Schools news net work Warrior News Now or WNN is a student run, online news channel. On this, our first weeks production I worked on the special segment. I filmed parts of the video, helped master the music, & over saw the editing of the video (although that was all Jake). I think the biggest challenge was the press for time since we had only 3 days. Also as for production quality, we used our phones since we didn't have tome to go over the cameras which I feel took away from production value. We ran in to some trouble with the phones where we'd film horizontally but the videos would come out horizontal when we tried to watch them vertically. (when holding the phone vertically the videos were turned 90 degrees.) But we were able to fix that in final cut.

ANB 1.1: Assess broadcasting as a communicative medium used to captivate, inform, motivate, or entertain.
ANB 2.1: Assess how changes in media technology have affected the accessibility of broadcast production.
ANB 3.2: Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of broadcast content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.
ANB 4.2: Assess the use of broadcast media to elicit a desired response from a targeted audience.
ANB 6.1: Plan and construct a broadcast message targeted to a specific audience.
ANB 6.2: Develop a broadcast media production that conveys a targeted message.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The short video below is from a day a few weeks ago when i went to kealia small but glassy. but if its not very great you can walk about 20 minuts down the bike path to Donkeys which is where the next photos are from. when ever kealia is small donkeys will be firing! This day the waves where coming in like walls moving to the beach. Coming from the right where just slabs and suck ups. Fatties from the left and close out shore breaks with a great area of sand all in one beach, defiantly a spot to check out.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The photos below are from a hike i did last week in koke'e called the Awaawapuhi trail. The hike consists of about 3.2 miles manly downhill along beautiful native plants and trees to a look out area, but for the adrenaline junkys out there a ridge continues the hike. Once on the ridge beware of the deadly cliffs on your left and right. when you have found a comfy place to sit take a look around, like something out of a panting the colors for green and blue are stunning along with the birds sore in and out of their burrows. While on the ridge keep your eyes out for the mighty t-Rex and if your lucky you might just catch a glimpse